The Story.

"Why it is called Wild Sheep Chase ?"

Many customers have questioned about the name of it. Well, here's the answer.
"We both like the Japanese author, Haruki Murakami and he had a novel called A Wild Sheep Chase (羊をめぐる冒険)," one of the owners of Wild Sheep Chase, Sujian Khor said.


The café is owned by the couple, Sujian Khor and Chris Yap. It commenced operating last year which is 2015, in Chinese context, conincidentally it was the year of goats, thus here is the origin of the name Wild Sheep Chase.

Su Jian also said, "in addition, we called each other 'sayang'", which mean 'dear' in Malay Language but in Manadarin, it sounds like silly sheep.
In the book, it has the connotation that : pursue your dream.



The interior design of Wild Sheep Chase is very simple, yet exquisite as the café surrounded by the windows that could let the people inside to view the scenery outside the café

The only painted the wall of café to white and mended the floor. Even the furniture in Wild Sheep Chase, are in minimalist design. "Because the main things in a café are the products and the people."

Excluding the complicated and sophisticated design, Sujian hopes that the customers could focus on the food and drinks that served by them and could have good times with their friends along with.




It all started with a joke
They have a friend, they called him Bear.
Bear is a Taiwanese, he began the coffee business in Malaysia 10 years ago. However, in those days, café is still a rare thing in Malaysia - not as flourish as now, thereupon, Bear failed to maintain the business and he went back to Taiwan.

After that, he succesfully opened a shop on Taiwan which name Caldo, which specifically selling the soufflé and brewing coffee as well.


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